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Digital Marketing for the Dental Practice

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Creating a Strategy that will attract and retain patients

In a world of such large online connectivity, dental practices that are to remain competitive, need to have an established digital marketing strategy that involves social media, online reputation management, search engine optimization amongst other.

The following presentation touches on the general components of a digital marketing strategy for a dental practice, as well as some important online healthcare insights.


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Key digital marketing terms to get started with

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The rise of digital marketing has brought about so many new opportunities for small-to-medium size businesses that did not exist not too long ago. As the online world continues to evolve, SMB’s have to be aware of the basics in marketing to be able to participate in conversations and plan ahead for a marketing strategy.  However,  if you have just started to get your feet wet with digital marketing,  you might have already been thrown (by that super hipster colleague of yours!) a dizzying number of terms that you were completely unfamiliar with…which is why we have compiled this short glossary of most common marketing lingo used nowadays.


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Beginners guide: Paid, Owned and Earned Media

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Paid, Owned and Earned Media (6) (1)The digital Marketing ecosystem

Understanding the key components that make-up the digital marketing ecosystem, and how these interact with one another is an essential part of a digital marketing strategy. -Nathalia Porras

The digital marketing ecosystem is conformed of all digital and social assets that make-up a brand online. The interaction of these assets- be it a website, a Facebook page or an online ad, should all be aligned with a product’s brand- in an ideal world!

However, in the real world there is only a fraction of these so-called digital and social assets that are owned and managed by a company or brand- the remaining assets can be in fact managed and influenced by fans or non-fans. Before a marketer launches its digital marketing strategy, it is important to understand the relationship between paid, owned and earned media.


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The anatomy of healthcare digital marketing that gets you noticed

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Marketing Your Practice Digitally

Conventional wisdom is that health-related services need only minimal investments in marketing their practices. No amount of advertising or blogging can make anyone ‘need’ a health service. After all, as our highest priority in life, when such services are needed they are sought out by patients, aren’t they? And since health is at the essence of survival, there’s little risk in such services going out of business, right?

There is a certain logic to that thinking but, in reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Consider that we don’t apply that same thinking to the food industry, or to clothing or real estate. Would anyone expect a grocery store to not advertise because we all need food? Of course not.


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What sets you apart? Getting started on Personal Branding

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“There are a million people that can do the job you are looking for but what makes you special, what makes you stand out and what is your unique selling point?”


MOONWATCHLike many, I started out not having a clear picture of what I wanted to do following graduation and not fully understanding what set me apart from the competition so I decided to invest some time in ME. My 1st assignment was to meet with people from industries that interested me and gain some insight into what capabilities companies searched for in potential candidates. What resonated most with me was: be specific (know what you want), start thinking about your personal brand and take the risk. My personal brand I thought; “wow, I have no clue what my personal brand is or what that even means”. Like every other unknown, I turned to books! I purchased “Personal Branding for Dummies[1]” and started brainstorming on what set me apart from others. What was MY unique selling point?


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Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

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Content marketing seems to have been the talk of the town for marketers in 2015. With the term “Content is King” being thrown right, left and center (what isn’t mentioned often enough is that distribution of content is Queen!). However, the question remains, do small businesses know how to strategically create a content marketing strategy that will reap results? And is there a manual for small businesses to take advantage of content marketing? (more…)

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Calculating Social Media ROI

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measuring ROI on social media for digital marketersCalculating SocialMedia ROI can be a tricky business but a MUST to guide a Digital Marketer’s decisions on strategy and tactics to implement. Here’s a “delightfully short guide” to ROI in social media
Calculating ROI on social media

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Want your brand to build credibility? Use Content Marketing!

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Content Marketing to plow through the noiseContent Marketing allows brands to plough through the noise with current and highly relevant high-quality content that speaks directly to the target audience.

You can build a brand from scratch or re-position an existing one by having a well-crafted content strategy. A Content Marketing strategy will ensure you’re standing out for sticking to your brand values (which will come-through in all the activities you’ll be engaging in), using the right tone and most importantly that your company will be  sought out both by search engines and real people – why? because you are sharing content that truly matters to your followers.