Social Media Management

Bell bottoms and hula hoops were a fad. Social media is not.

social media management, online reputation managementIt might be the most important set of marketing and communication channels to reach current and prospective clients. Whether you take a mass or niche approach, social media will likely be a key component of your overall marketing strategy.

We carefully assess the topics that are sought out by your target audiences to develop an omni-channel distribution strategy. It’s all about powering the right social network with the right content that will resonate with the right demographic. What voice to take? How often to share? What to share? What tools to invest in? These are the kinds of questions you’ll get answers to.

All of this work establishes your online personality and credibility which we know takes time. This is why online reputation management is a key part of what we do. We act as your partner by monitoring all social media, ensuring that posts are being responded to appropriately and that there are internal policies to handle criticisms or positive reinforcement. After all, not everyone is going to give a Thumbs Up! to every post.

What we provide:

  • A social media audit of the current activities being performed on social media platforms
  • A comprehensive social media strategy with a content marketing schedule
  • Selection of  relevant topics to your target audience, definition of frequency, voice and tone for each social channel
  • Branding  customization of all social channels
  • Routine scheduling of posts to social media platforms, monitoring of comments
  • Creation of Facebook and LinkedIn ads + placement of pixels to measure results on campaigns

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