Content Marketing

Make me think. Make me laugh. Inspire me or teach me something new and I will remember you when its time to buy

Content marketing is all the kids are talking about nowadays, and for good reason. Little else can establish a credible presence in the minds of those you want to reach.

For NP Marketing Consulting, we see content marketing as a strategic means to engage with a targeted audience. We do this by developing a narrative that produces and distributes high-quality content at the times and places the audience wants to consume it. As is appropriate for the brand and organization’s values, this can include videos, infographics, articles, podcasts, whitepapers, newsletters, to name a few.

What we provide:

  • A content marketing strategy with a 3 month content calendar of relevant topics (renewable every 3 months)
  • Production of blogs, articles, press releases, newsletters, infographics and visual content
  • Distribution via social channels, and/or dissemination of newsletter via Mailchimp 
  • Monthly reporting  measuring KPI’s.


Content Marketing defined. What elements are part of a content marketing strategy?


To get a better understanding on what is Content Marketing, take a peak at our presentation on Creating a Content Marketing Strategy:

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